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Superb Mammoth Pecan halves carefully roasted to peak flavor and crispness, then lightly salted.

Our meaty Mammoth Pecans are famous for their orchard-fresh flavor and all-natural, wholesome goodness.  The pecan grows on the largest of all the nut trees.  Native to the fertile Mississippi valley, wild pecan trees can reach a height of 200 feet, with the first branches 70 to 80 feet off the ground!  These behemoths have been known to have yields as high as 800 to 1000 pounds of nuts per tree!  

These kinds of yields, however, are rarely attained from the famous pecan orchards of Georgia and Texas where our pecans are grown.  Instead of mammoth trees, we focus on mammoth nuts.  The trees are groomed for smaller yields of larger, juicier, meatier nuts.

Why our Pecans are so good for you:  Our Mammoth Pecans are packed with rich, useful minerals and B vitamins, especially Vitamin B6.  One pound of our Mammoth Pecans gives you roughly the same nutritive equivalent as 4 pounds of meat!  These nutrients develop slowly and naturally as these big, beautiful nuts hang high off the ground, gently maturing in rich, fertile orchards deep in the heart of Georgia and Texas.  This is just one of the many reasons why pecans are such a thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated nut. 

Gift Pack - 12 ounces
Item #VT11845 - $13.99

Item #VT11080 - $14.99 per pound


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