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From the arid lowlands of California's San Joaquin valley come perfect Colossal pistachios with unblemished shells.  Everyone's favorite nut!  Fresh Roasted and lightly salted, these delicious pistachios are popping out of the naturally tan shells.  The fun of breaking open the shells for this treasure is second only to the rich nutty flavor you'll enjoy.

These are colossal supremes, the largest pistachios available!  These nuts are fresh, easy to open, and have a beautiful deep green color.  Although they have a delicious buttery flavor, they are low in saturated fat, high in fiber, and have no cholesterol.

Gift Pack - 1 pound
Item #VT11850 - $12.99

Item #VT11110 - $9.99 per pound

PISTACHIO FACTS:  Where we find the best "Colossal" pistachios -- Once exclusive to the Middle East, especially Turkey, the world's finest colossal  pistachios now come from the rich orchards of California.  We choose our "colossals" from only the finest, select orchards in central California's golden foothills and valleys.  Known as the nuts of paradise by the ancient Mongol emperors, these nuts are characterized by their pleasant, mild flavor and distinctive green color.

Few people are aware of the "mating ritual" that's necessary to create a fine pistachio nut!  It takes the pollen from a male pistachio tree to fertilize the receptive female pistachio trees before the fruit can grow.  The Kerman variety pistachios come from California's arid San Joaquin valley, where each tree produces only about 50 pounds of nuts in two years time.  Colossal in size, there are between 18 and 20 nuts in an ounce!  We insist on only deluxe pistachios with unblemished shells and halves open enough to make shelling a breeze.



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