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The Hawaiian Macadamia - considered the world's richest, most elegant nut.  Our Hawaiian macadamias are the best - bigger than most you'll find - more than 90% whole nuts.

Macadamia trees grow best in the fertile volcanic soil in Hawaii.  The trees take years to mature and the harvest is relatively small.  The supply of trees is small, only 35,000 acres are harvested during each nine month growing season.

Sweet, buttery macadamias from Hawaii truly are elegant.  Expertly roasted and lightly salted, they have a rich, creamy texture and milk flavor that often defies description.  Ironically, the outer shells that originally protected these precious nuts are so hard it takes over 300 lbs. of pressure to crack one.   

Gift Pack - 1 pound
Item #VT11825 - $23.99

Item #VT11070 - $19.99 per pound

ADDITIONAL MACADAMIA FACTS:  Macadamias are the creme de la creme among nut connoisseurs and prized by cooks for the creamy texture and exotic, buttery taste they add to recipes.  But, contrary to conventional wisdom, something that tastes good can also be good for you.

This tasty, upscale nut contains no cholesterol and is low in sodium and saturated fats.  Over 80 percent of the fatty acids in macadamias are monounsaturated.  That's more monounsaturates than those found in olive oil!  Monounsaturated fat (often called good fat) has been shown to lower blood cholesterol, possibly having a cleansing effect on the arteries and reducing the risk of heart disease.


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