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Centuries ago, Portuguese seamen brought the seeds of the cashew nut tree from Brazil to the coasts of east Africa.  Eventually they found their way to India.  Today, cashews are grown throughout the world.  But to get the biggest, tastiest and choicest of cashews, you still need to go back to very select areas along the northern coasts of Brazil and the southern coast of India.

It's here that our buyers find the most popular of all our nuts - the Giant Jumbo Golden Cashew.  Shelled by hand to insure that you get only whole, unbroken nuts, these cashews are so big that it takes just 180 to make a pound (ordinary cashews average 300 per pound).  And, because they're expertly fresh-roasted and lightly salted, these gentle giants are also huge on taste.  Their flavor is sweet.  And their texture is ...oh, so creamy!  These cashews are particularly rich in Vitamin A, Magnesium and Potassium. 

The cashew is a large evergreen tree that reaches heights of 30 - 40 feet.  The nut is kidney shaped, the size of a large bean, and borne beneath a yellow or orange fruit called a cashew apple.  The outer covering of the fruit contains an extremely caustic oil that must be burned off before the nut can be touched.  The kernels are then boiled or roasted again, and a second shell is removed.   

Gift Pack - 1 pound
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