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Blue Poppy Seeds

This high-quality Holland, A-1 Extra Fancy poppy seed has become increasingly difficult to find in recent years.  If you are lucky enough to even find poppy seed in your supermarket, the odds are it is the inferior quality seed from Australia.  This is actually because the local governments have limited the planting of poppies, from which opium is derived.  Our Dutch poppy seed has a very fresh, nutty flavor and a high, flavorful oil content: refrigerate your seeds to maintain freshness.  Poppy seeds are used mainly in breads and bakery items; many cultures have traditional special Christmas cakes and tortes using poppy seeds.  In Middle Eastern cultures you may find poppy seeds as an ingredient in curry powders; the paste made from these seeds has a thickening power.

Gift Pack - 1 Pound
Item #VT22099 - $7.99

Item #VT22100 - $4.99 per pound



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