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Carraway Seeds

Caraway is a common name for a plant that has long been cultivated in temperate zones for its aromatic fruit, called caraway seeds.  These seeds are used in cookery, confectionery, and medicine.  The large oil glands of the seed contain caraway oil, which is used to flavor the liqueur aquavit.  

The seeds are the most commonly used part of the plant.  Below are some suggestions for their use.

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  1) Add to boiled or baked onions or steamed vegetables.
  2) Mix caraway into cheese used for appetizers or garnishing other dishes.
  3) Cabbage dishes, such as sauerkraut and coleslaw can be seasoned with caraway.  This addition can also reduce the "cabbage smell" when added to the cooking water.
  4) Yeast breads, such as Swedish rye or Jewish halla, benefit from caraway in the dough or as a garnish on the top.
  5)  Caraway is often a welcome addition to baked goods.  Traditional seed cake, a popular dish in Victorian times, is made with caraway.


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